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FED UP with this slow and unresponsive discuss now !!

People are just bearing with this slow discuss which takes a minute to load a single page !!
Don't you think new discuss should be used now as it's chef's birthday this month ?
People keep saying that new discuss will come "soon"...

Also I haven't received laddus yet for my 1 year streak which was completed on november cookoff... It's been 4 months i.e 1/3rd year now and they just keep saying that they will credit it "soon"

I was wondering how long is "soon" when it comes to codechef ?

Last week codechef told me that they intend to give laddus by next week... now I also wonder how long is "chef's week" ?

asked 14 Mar, 22:08

l_returns's gravatar image

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edited 14 Mar, 22:09

(14 Mar, 22:10) l_returns5★

+2 .......

(15 Mar, 00:01) aryanc4036★

I was wondering how long is "soon" when it comes to codechef ?


(16 Mar, 18:38) vijju123 ♦♦5★
(17 Mar, 07:36) l_returns5★

Got my laddus finally... Thanks to CodeChef :)

(18 Mar, 07:32) l_returns5★

Hope they are gonna resolve discuss issue soon...

(18 Mar, 07:34) l_returns5★
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answered 15 Mar, 04:58

knakul853's gravatar image

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Hahaha nice one...

(15 Mar, 07:50) l_returns5★

dedicated to you @black_truce XD

(16 Mar, 00:08) l_returns5★

Haha, can relate :D

(17 Mar, 20:55) black_truce4★

I shared my problem idea in the initial days of Feb.

I assumed I'd get a reply for rejection/acceptance. I considered only 2 possibilities.

But I was wrong.

After waiting for 2 weeks I decided to write to codechef. After numerous emails, the last mail I received had "soon" in it.

I was very happy to know at least I'd receive rejection/acceptance email soon, instead of pending status. Right after, I made a few problems in case if that one doesn't get accepted.

However, after waiting for 10 days I didn't get any reply. I decided to write to codechef again. This time I sent one of my prepared problems which was better than the previous one. Still, I didn't receive any email.

The last email I received was 2 weeks ago which had "soon" in it.

I talked with a few members who shared their experiences. Then I realized, a few weeks is not a long time here. I'm still waiting for the opportunity :)


answered 17 Mar, 20:51

black_truce's gravatar image

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That's a sad story... keep waiting and have patience... That's why I dedicated that pic to you... XD

(17 Mar, 20:53) l_returns5★

Yeah :). Pray for me xD

(17 Mar, 20:57) black_truce4★

chef is learning the recipe for laddus.


answered 15 Mar, 21:00

yaminote's gravatar image

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Honestly, I'm so fed up now, that I have stopped posting rants xD. I know that it's just all pointless now xD.

I can imagine that 10 years later, when I open up Codechef to see how things are going then, I'll be hit with nostalgia - "Ah! Codechef is just the same as always!" Tears of nostalgia roll down slowly.


answered 16 Mar, 22:14

akashbhalotia's gravatar image

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edited 16 Mar, 22:21


And then you'd proceed to order a drone from goodies website only to realize that its out of stock? XD

(17 Mar, 03:02) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Does someone ever manage to cash in drone??

(17 Mar, 04:17) aryanc4036★

Maybe @vijju123 can... He has many laddus ;)

(17 Mar, 07:37) l_returns5★

@l_returns yes, maybe way too many ;)

(17 Mar, 09:59) akashbhalotia5★

Yes, you are right. He farmed too many laddus along with karma :P
Later he got bored playing with the drone. So, he asked @admin to stop awarding laddus to Top5 Contributors xD.

(17 Mar, 11:08) aryanc4036★

Yes I remember @aryanc403 true story XD

(17 Mar, 20:03) l_returns5★

@vijju123 so you're a farmer eh?

(17 Mar, 20:45) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

Yes. I farm respect in hearts of people <3

(17 Mar, 23:33) vijju123 ♦♦5★
(18 Mar, 07:31) l_returns5★
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Well, if nothing else, they credited the laddoos for last 1+ month's college contests today!

Let's hope they credit the ones for their own contests soon as well :)


answered 18 Mar, 08:34

ashishgup's gravatar image

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Yeah I also got laddus of my streak...

(18 Mar, 10:32) l_returns5★

I too have the same question but they dont answer it. @admin


answered 16 Mar, 08:11

aryansanghi's gravatar image

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codechef is never going to rise to the standards of a good competitive coding site if they continue to lag in the related activities


answered 16 Mar, 15:38

kudo_1234's gravatar image

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don't loose hope

future will be more better than present.: )

(16 Mar, 18:29) knakul8534★

don't loose hope
"surely a response will come" ;)

(17 Mar, 20:08) l_returns5★

ya chef is pretty lazy


answered 17 Mar, 16:57

shadatsk40's gravatar image

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I have still not got any laddus and neither has my Junior Rating for Feb 19 b IS INCREASED. I am fed up with this slow codechef. @admin


answered 21 Mar, 22:47

aryansanghi's gravatar image

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Duplicate messages?

(25 Mar, 17:45) krishyadav0072★

I have still not got any laddus and neither has my Junior Rating for Feb 19 b IS INCREASED. I am fed up with this slow codechef. @admin


answered 21 Mar, 22:47

aryansanghi's gravatar image

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Maybe being NON-PROFITABLE ORGANISATION has its own downside. Codechef should start being Profitable now, or else I don't think the response' condition is going to improve...!!!!


answered 25 Mar, 15:46

sidg16's gravatar image

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