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Regarding unbalanced problemset COOK104B


I have to admit the balance of the problemset of div2 of March cookoff was very terrible, the two problems that I intended to be the easiest two turned out to be difficult to implement.

I have to apologize for everyone who didn't enjoy the contest because of this. however, I will make sure this will not happen again, as you have noticed from now on only 3 problems will be common between div1 and div2, so I recommend every div2 participant (especially the ones who solved at most 1 problem today) to look forward for future short contests and try to solve at least two problems, because from the March's lunchtime onwards, the first two problems in the problemset will be really easy!

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asked 25 Mar, 00:22

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You should change the title of question to COOK104B (if possible). I saw the title and was shocked as div1 was nicely balanced.

(25 Mar, 00:29) swapnil1595★

If the balance of COOK104B was terrible, I wonder what you will call COOK101B or COOK102B or LTIME69B :P
But it is nice to see that the problem is being acknowledged and worked on.

(25 Mar, 02:14) meooow ♦6★

@swapnil159 Yes, even I was shocked at first. Div1 was perfectly balanced.

(25 Mar, 03:07) sarthakmanna6★

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